Relational Mastery, True Significance and Tribal Marketing Coaching.

Five Elements of Feminine Leadership Mentoring.


For women who are resurrecting passions and desires or, awakening to new ones and clarifying their calling. If this is you, I offer support as you take the necessary steps to cross the threshold that will bring your deepest longings to fruition. Which of the following options matches your most important concerns?

Relational Mastery


Maybe, like me, you are a woman who went through a challenging divorce and resolved never to repeat the same mistakes.

Perhaps you worked with a counsellor or therapist to understand your patterns with men. Perhaps you put dating on ice for a long time, while you focussed on your children and/or your work.

And now, some years down the track, you’ve started to date again or, you have experienced one or more subsequent relationships. However, things have not worked out as you hoped and you are fed up with the emotional (and possibly financial) toll……

Maybe there has recently been a ‘last straw’ situation, which has left you feeling disappointed and unsupported. You wonder whether you are doing something wrong or choosing wrong. It’s time to draw a line and heal the past, so that you can date, choose and embrace love, from a foundation of safety and confidence. Click here to learn about Relational Mastery.

True Significance


You are a professionally trained woman with a busy life, full of commitments and responsibilities. But… you are feeling lost.

Maybe you took a break, or a less demanding job, in order to focus on family needs. Maybe you have done new trainings but, have stalled as you try to create a business out of what some consider to be a hobby….

You are guided by a sense of calling to something more. You want to create a meaningful contribution, which brings you a sense of purpose, fulfilment and significance. The problem is that you lack clarity and direction with regard to who and what you should be serving.

The time is right. Yet, you fear you may have ‘missed the boat.’

If you’re feeling stuck and looking for sharp and caring support from someone who has ‘been there’, click here to learn about True Significance and Tribal Marketing.



Feminine Leadership Mentoring is rooted in teachings from spiritual traditions that give understanding of masculine and feminine principles. The teachings are applied to contemporary society and your life in it. Through the mentoring process, you will be bringing inner energies into right relationship and working with aspects of the awakened Feminine, which gives you a new ‘modus operandi.’

This is a fully customisable offering that you pay for on a monthly basis or as day long ‘mini’ retreats.

Clients are usually undergoing some sort of shift in their ‘operating system’ and searching for a new map plus support as they shed old skins.

The Feminine way is to clear wounded imprints from the heart centre, in order to realise full potential through purposeful response rather than defensive reaction. Click here to learn about the Five Elements of Feminine Leadership.

Why I Care


I have long history of interest – and seeking – in the areas of relationship and life purpose.

Earlier in my career, I worked as an outplacement consultant; I’ve always had a passion for helping people to discover the work that will light up their soul. I worked with many people who had caved into familial or educational pressures, sacrificing their souls in a career that made sense to their minds but not to their hearts.

On the personal front, I have deep and rich experience with relationship patterns. You can read about this on the Relational Mastery page. My experiences led me into a study of wounds, from both personal and collective perspectives. (In particular, I have a lot to say on the subject of the Feminine Wound!)

I’ve taken the long and sometimes difficult road on the quest to find resolution, happiness and completion when caught in challenging relationship dynamics.

I know what it’s like to be in a situation that has turned toxic. I know what its like to feel that you’ve had enough. And I know what it’s like to heal and to forgive.

Wanting to transform patterns and dynamics that didn’t work for me led me on a 25 year journey of exploring Feminine wisdom from ancient traditions. It’s deep in the heart of this Feminine wisdom that I’ve found lasting relief and whole new experience of deepening love, irrespective of outer circumstances.

My work brings me tremendous joy. When I work with you, my aim is to create a sacred space where you can recharge your spirit, heal your soul and reconnect with your heart’s deep longings.

More about Cathy.

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