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Gain Freedom from Relationship Patterns that Drag You Down


Hello, I’m Cathy Rowan. I help evolving women to clarify their life and leadership direction and gain freedom from sabotaging patterns that prevent them from achieving their potential in love and work.

l know how easy it can be for years to go by so fast that you hardly notice all the times you compromise on your dreams and intentions. After all, when you are busy juggling work and family demands, just keeping the balls in the air can feel like enough.

Perhaps you’ve even experienced situations that would be considered abusive, leaving you feeling misunderstood, undervalued and burned out.

I’ve been there. I even reached a point of contraction where my life felt too small for me.

But, what saved me was a deep commitment to my path in life. I’d just lost touch with where I was heading.

Do you resonate?

Which part will you listen to? Will the part that tells you that ‘it’s too late’, ‘you’ve missed the boat’ or even, ‘you’re too old’ dictate your future?

Or, will you trust the part of you that doesn’t accept the voices of limitation and is willing to take a journey to achieve what is possible?

If you are willing to listen to the soulful part of you that whispers of your possibility and potential, please book a no obligation conversation to discover how I can help.

Relational Freedom


Maybe, like me, you are a woman who went through a challenging divorce and resolved never to repeat the same mistakes. Or, you’ve never been married but, you have just experienced a ‘last straw’ situation through the ending of a relationship.

Perhaps you’ve worked with a counsellor or therapist to understand your patterns with men. Perhaps you put dating on ice for a long time, while you focussed on your children and/or your work.

Whatever your strategy, your deep longings for lasting Love have not been met and you are fed up with the emotional (and possibly financial) toll.

If it’s time to draw a line and heal the past, click here to learn about Relational Freedom.

The Chrysalis


You are facing, or in, a life transition with a need to clarify your life and leadership direction.

As you look ahead and try to feel into a vision for the next phase of your life, you know you want to make a meaningful contribution, which brings you fulfilment and a sense of purpose.

The problem is that you lack clarity with regard to who and what you should be serving.

And there may be other obstacles to deal with before you can move forward in a sustainable way.

If you’re feeling stuck but, are ready to lean into this transition before rising like a phoenix from the ashes, click here to learn about The Chrysalis. 

Tribal Marketing


You have qualifications and experience in some form of transformational work, such as coaching, a healing therapy, training or consulting. However, you either haven’t worked out the best way to position and communicate what you do or, you are contemplating a shift into a new area.

Tribal Marketing helps you to clarify the Life PhD you have earned through experience. In the process, you discover the nature of the ‘tribal bond’ between you and your ideal clients and discriminate between your clients public, private and unknown problems.

Re-examine the transformational journey that you take your clients on and create a Signature System for your life’s calling. Click here to learn about Tribal Marketing.

Let’s talk to find out whether it’s a good fit for us to work together. In addition to the above programmes I offer half and full day Vision Quest intensives 


Cathy Rowan


Our geographical location is Farnham, Surrey, UK.

Coaching services are offered via Zoom and are not location dependent.

Vision Quest intensives are usually in person, in the south of England. If this is not possible for you, we can offer something to suit you via Zoom.

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