Feminine Liberation and Leadership

Coaching and Mentoring for Women

We are alive at a time of great opportunity for western women and with a huge amount of information available about how to succeed, create an entrepreneurial business, find love, heal the past and generally, create the life of your dreams.

Interpreting this information, applying it to your unique circumstances and then implementing it is the challenging part.

It’s easy to become disillusioned, to doubt yourself and to become critical of that abundance of information.

You may be asking yourself whether it’s ok to have a bigger dream for your life. Is it ok to want more or, should you be satisfied with what you’ve got and what you’ve already achieved?

I believe that your desires are valid. Desire is your connection to the Divine Feminine and the key to the liberation of the life force required to align with your sacred mission.

Curious to know more?

Hello, I’m Catherine Rowan. I look forward to speaking to women

  • who are ready to draw a line and change patterns that don’t work for them
  • who want to liberate and achieve their full potential
  • who are at the threshold of (or in) a life transition
  • who want a positive model for ageing and continuing contribution
  • who have experienced spiritual awakenings and are ready to bring the fruits into the world through their work and relationships

More about Catherine

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Work with Me

Vision Quest

This is my shortest private coaching programme containing three two hour sessions.

These can be conducted long distance via Zoom or as a very special in person experience, in which case it will be an afternoon/evening followed by an overnight stay and a session the following morning.

Private Coaching

My private coaching and mentoring programmes contain the spiritual and practical content that ensures transformational outcomes. Minimum commitment is 3 months.

The journey that I take my clients on is tailored to meet individual needs. My specialisms include life transition, clarifying direction, resolution of relational patterns, creating a leadership offering, feminine/masculine energy balance To learn more

Group Coaching

My new group coaching community, Feminine Liberation and Leadership, begins on 21 March 2020.

This is an ongoing group with a monthly investment and opportunity for new clients to join the group several times a year.

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Cathy Rowan


Our geographical location is Farnham, Surrey, UK.

Coaching services are offered via Zoom and are not location dependent.

We also offer in person retreats and VIP days.

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