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“Awakening Coaches are not more advanced or more ‘Enlightened’ than others, but simply people who are willing to get out of the way, and to be present for another human being’s evolution and unfolding.” Arjuna Ardagh

Awakening Coaching combines practical coaching tools with non tradition specific spiritual wisdom to facilitate powerful solutions to life challenges.

  1. It begins with a very powerful process called Radical Awakening.  This process clarifies the question of who and what you truly are and the nature of your life challenges. Your range of options increases.
  2. Radical Releasing and Deeper Love tools enable transformation of patterns that have been acting as an invisible glass ceiling.

In more simple terms, Awakening Coaching shifts the ground on which you walk!

Einstein is credited with commenting that no problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it. Awakening Coaching acknowledges this viewpoint by supporting your shift to level of consciousness where the old problems are more easily solved and do not recur.

Awakening Coaching tools and processes underpin my coaching offerings.

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