Awakening Coaching



“Awakening Coaches are not more advanced or more ‘Enlightened’ than others, but simply people who are willing to get out of the way, and to be present for another human being’s evolution and unfolding.” Arjuna Ardagh

Awakening Coaching is the method, which underpins all of my offerings, other than Tribal Marketing, which is a another complete methodology.

On my About page, you will note that I have a background in coaching which dates back to working with people in job loss situations in the late 80’s and the early 90’s, before the coaching word was used for such work. (We called it Career Consulting and Outplacement at the time.) You will also note that I have a long background with spiritual practices, mainly from Eastern traditions including: Taoism/Qigong (chi kung), yoga and the tantric goddess worship traditions of Kashmir Shaivism and Sri Vidya. I also have experience of the western self enquiry traditions that are based on Advaita.

It is natural for me to want to work with a coaching approach that honours both the material and spiritual aspects of life AND is non tradition specific. Through following more than one tradition, I have some understanding of what lies at the root of them all. I was delighted to discover Awakening Coaching for these reasons:

  1. It begins with a very powerful process called Radical Awakening. For spiritual practitioners who have been seeking but not finding or, those that have found but need to ground and integrate their realisations, this process provides clarity. 
  2. Meanwhile, for those without such a deep spiritual background, the process clarifies who and what you are and the nature of your life challenges. You range of options increases.


Awakening Coaching has tools to help you re-solve seemingly intractable obstacles that have been created by conditioned beliefs, which are not actually true. Genuine practical problems may take a little longer. But, knowing the difference and addressing challenges appropriately enables forward movement.

Awakening Coaching shifts the ground on which you walk. Einstein is credited with commenting that no problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it. Awakening Coaching acknowledges and addresses this viewpoint by supporting you as you awaken to a new level of consciousness.

When I work with you, I ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months. I am a transformational coach. I want to make sure that you not only have the awakening but that you integrate it, which requires releasing the points of view that could prevent you from living in alignment with your highest knowing.

If my Relational Mastery or True Significance programmes suits you then great. However, there are times when it feels right for me to work with someone who is interested in my work yet, their objectives do not fall within the remit of my stated programmes. In this case, you are offered pure Awakening Coaching.

Unlike many spiritual systems and groups, Awakening Coaching is non hierarchical. It is an equal energy between coach and client i.e.. a money in exchange for expertise transaction. Clear and achievable objectives for a 3 month period are set at the beginning. Both client and coach know what they are individually accountable for.

Interested? Please contact me. As with all my work, the first exploratory session is free of charge. And then a clear contract is put in writing.

I look forward to supporting you as Awakening Coaching changes your life and infuses it with new energy as you align with purpose and passion.