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The Awakening Feminine

The Awakening Feminine is a movement that supports a change of paradigm from patriarchy, with its shadow forms of masculine and feminine, to a new paradigm of dynamic balance between healthy, interdependent expressions of Masculine and Feminine.

Our inspiration comes from the non dual Indian tantric traditions, which present the Feminine as the creative power of Consciousness. And other esoteric mystery traditions present a similar model. The Path is laid out for us. But it is not shouted out.

If you have found your way to this page and want to know more, please follow our new Facebook page – The Awakening Feminine. (August 2018) Regular Facebook Live messages will start soon.

Please do get in touch if you would like to speak to me personally!


Mini Retreats


Individually tailored ‘mini retreats’ are available for private mentoring and teaching of transformational meditation practices. If you’ve read my about page or been referred by someone I know and think I might be the teacher for you, please drop me a line with brief details about your background. We’ll set up a time to chat, work out what is needed and whether I can help.

I’m happy to give you prices in advance. But I don’t publish prices on my website. Please contact me.


Speaking and Workshops


I speak and teach on the subjects of the Awakening Feminine and the Feminine as Power. Invitations to speak and/or teach are welcome.

Watch the promotional video of my talk at the Awaken the Goddess Festival in London on July 28 2018.

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