Catherine Rowan is a transformational coach and spiritual mentor to awakening women who are ready to discover and activate untapped potential, helping them to clarify their sacred mission and leadership direction.

Catherine’s unique approach blends leading edge coaching tools with Feminine wisdom from pre patriarchal spiritual traditions.

Catherine Rowan


  • Certified Awakening Coach in all aspects of Awakening Coaching
  • Certified Deeper Love™ Coach (Awakening Coaching Institute/Arjuna Ardagh)
  • Certified Tribal Marketing Coach (Jeffrey Van Dyk)
  • Diploma in the Inner Craft of Leadership (Re-Vision)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna)
  • Certified Qigong and Meditation teacher (by more than one school)
  • Certified Soul Alchemist Practitioner (Ascended Relationships)
  • Women’s Shamanic Healing Practitioner (Shamanka)
  • Independent Funeral and Wedding Celebrant (FOIC)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development (although you won’t find me listed as I no longer pay the annual fee)
  • B.A. – Geography (that’s how my lifelong interest in maps of all types was expressed at that age)

My Journey


I’ve always had a passion for working with people who seek meaning, purpose and value in their careers and relationships.

Earlier in my career (late 80’s and early 90’s) I worked in Executive Selection and then Career Consulting with KPMG in London.

I was passionate about my career and about being successful as a woman in business. But, close to burnout, and wanting to have a baby, I left my corporate job, at age 35, for self employment and a personal journey.

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door. If you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

As the modern coaching business did not exist back then, I designed my own personal and leadership development training.

I studied Gestalt and Psychosynthesis applications to leadership, worked with a therapist and explored yoga, shiatsu and other forms of body work. I read books and changed my diet. Soon, I was noticing the phases of the moon and exploring Feminine wisdom.

The longed for baby arrived when I was 38. I was ready for the initiation and became a full time mother for two years.

I loved being a mother. But, my challenging relationship, which had a volatile history, became even more difficult. Values differences, which had been possible to overlook when we were both working full time, and travelling a lot, now became irreconcilable.

Sadly, when my daughter was 4, my marriage broke down and I moved from London to Surrey to begin a new life as a single mother. (You can read more about this on the Relational Freedom page.)

Life continued to be challenging. But, I was on a journey that felt purposeful.

I continued working with life transition clients. Then, in 2002, I co-founded a leadership training company. Spiral Consulting offered workshops on leadership skills for uncertain times of change and transition.

We soon had international clients. However, prior to online business possibilities, the travel demand to deliver workshops began to challenge my ‘hands on’ parenting values. I left the business after two years.

Meanwhile, my personal journey had progressed to studying and practising energy traditions.

I trained in the Universal Tao system (including chi kung, meditation, shamanism and taoist healing practices) for five years in the ‘noughties’. This was supplemented with complementing trainings in Women’s Shamanism and tantra.

During this time I was introduced to esoteric teachings on Masculine and Feminine. But, in the Chinese teachings and western tantric interpretations, there was still patriarchal bias (in my opinion). Deep in my body, I knew I had not yet found key pieces of the Feminine puzzle I was committed to solving.

My quest continued as I searched for a female teacher from whom I could learn more about the Feminine spiritual traditions, which I had read about in Miranda Shaw’s book, Passionate Enlightenment, and in Daniel Odier’s book, Tantric Quest.

Eventually, I found the teacher who could both answer my questions and help me progress on a Feminine path. Since 2007, I have been a student of Uma Parvathinath Saraswati, holder of a preserved yogini lineage that has not been commercialised.

This deeply Feminine tradition values the contribution of women, the ‘householder’ path and the opportunity for spiritual growth inherent in every day challenges. The  teachings position the Feminine as power. (ie. Power is something you must be and not something you have through position or force.)

After being deeply immersed in spiritual practice for some years, alongside a part time coaching/chi kung/meditation business and care for my daughter and elderly parents, it came time to update my way of doing business again.

In 2015, I began an intensive period of re-training at coaching’s leading edge, as well as adding to my chi kung qualifications.

I now hold certifications in Awakening Coaching and Deeper Love Coaching, gained from training and mentoring with Arjuna Ardagh, founder of Awakening Coaching and author of more than twenty books on coaching, spiritual awakening and relationships.

I’ve also qualified in an approach called Tribal Marketing, receiving direct training and mentoring from the developer of this method, Jeffrey Van Dyk.

And, I trained in a new system of chi kung/qigong that combines ancient wisdom with modern quantum physics. Zhineng Qigong is referred to as qigong science.

I am currently exploring a whole new approach to essence in terms of colour vibration, enabling me to offer my clients a unique colour palette and style advice. I want my clients to experience the magic of authentic visibility and the confidence of knowing that their presentation aligns with their message.

I hope the above gives some insight into the tools and wisdom I have to share. Everything that I offer to my clients has been tried and tested in the laboratory of my own life.

I work either privately or with small, exclusive groups of women. This way of working enables me to work deeply and maintain personal service values.

If it’s your time for a life changing breakthrough, I know how to help in a caring, sensitive and powerful way. Please book a conversation to begin the next chapter of your journey.

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