True Significance


You are facing, or in, a life transition with a need to clarify your life and leadership direction.

As you look ahead and try to feel into a vision for the next phase of your life, you know you want to make a meaningful contribution, which brings you fulfilment and a sense of purpose.

The problem is that you lack clarity with regard to who and what you should be serving.

And, you may have lost touch with your own unique gifts and value during a period of heavy family demands, a busy corporate role or both.

If you’re looking for sharp and caring support from someone who’s ‘been there’, click here to learn about True Significance.

Relational Freedom


Maybe, like me, you are a woman who went through a challenging divorce and resolved never to repeat the same mistakes. Or, you’ve never been married and let’s just say that your love life has been ‘challenging.’

Perhaps you’ve worked with a counsellor or therapist to understand your relationship patterns.

You are a conscious woman who puts time and effort into relationships. Nevertheless, your deep longings for a lasting and truly supportive partnership have not been met.

You are fed up with the emotional (and possibly financial) toll. And perhaps you are feeling exhausted.

If it’s time to draw a line and heal the past, click here to learn about Relational Freedom.

Tribal Marketing


You have qualifications and experience in some form of transformational work, such as coaching, a healing therapy, training or consulting. However, you either haven’t worked out the best way to position and communicate what you do or, you are contemplating a shift into a new area.

Tribal Marketing helps you to clarify the Life PhD you have earned through experience. In the process, you discover the nature of the ‘tribal bond’ between you and your ideal clients and discriminate between your clients public, private and unknown problems.

Re-examine the transformational journey that you take your clients on and create a Signature System for your life’s calling. Click here to learn about Tribal Marketing.

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