A 2020 Feminine Leadership Mastermind for Visionary Women



Empower Your Mission with Sacred Alchemy


In this new age, it is possible for a larger proportion of women to embody the leadership capacity and healing medicine that was once reserved for an exclusive priestess class.

This is your invitation to step into an uplifting and inspiring reframe of Feminine Leadership and make a deeper connection to that which life is calling you to become.

For this eight month journey, I’ll be creating a safe container for deep inner work, with a high degree of private attention. My vision is for you to have both the personalised support of one to one coaching and mentoring plus the transformational magic that occurs in a group.

We’ll be engaging with sacred alchemy processes to bring you into clear alignment with the mission that is to be expressed through you.

Complementing this, your energetic wellbeing will be nurtured with healing practices, which is such a necessary foundation for leadership in the changing, turbulent times that we face.

More specifically, the focus of this Feminine Leadership journey is to reveal the fullest and most true expression of your gifts,

  • providing healing for feminine shadows and wounds, which act as an inner glass ceiling
  • strengthening your connection to the life force of your purpose
  • clarifying your next calling
  • nurturing your energetic well-being, a necessary foundation for leadership in the changing, turbulent times that we face
  • awakening and developing your spiritual perspective and capacity to hold power
  • restoring lost confidence
  • blessing failures, mistakes and relational wounds that have impacted your work
  • taming and training intuition
  • offering the tools to enable ongoing self-mastery
  • attending to finishing touches, including a very special colour and vibration analysis to ensure that your outer presentation reflects your inner mission, making it much easier for your message to be heard and taken seriously

I believe that each of us has a deep knowing of our potential. But, along the path of unfolding into it, many of us take detours and time out, in the process losing touch with important and valuable parts of ourselves.

I’d be the last person to suggest that such detours have been taken in error, because I’ve taken my share of them, from entering into and then over-staying in relationships that were draining, to, more intentionally, taking time out when my daughter and elderly parents needed me, not to mention taking on projects that made practical and financial sense but, felt soul destroying.

While I’d make some of those choices all over again, I also know that there were times when I was unwittingly, and probably unnecessarily, self-sacrificing. And certainly, there are many things I’d do differently if I knew back then what I know now!

However, if I had done things differently, I might have missed an amazing journey of awakening and liberation, which is the success in my adult life that I’m most proud of.

In addition to my coaching and leadership training, I’ve followed a Feminine tantric yogini pathway for many years, the hallmark of which is that all challenging life experiences can be alchemised from lead to gold.

I’ve consistently sat on my mat in my bedroom doing meditation and healing practices, which I will be sharing with you.

My saving grace, which will be yours too, if not already, is that I’ve always remained committed to my inner daemon. (Note, not demon!) The inner daemon is a guiding spirit that demands to be followed. Whatever was happening in my outer life, I’ve been true to that daemon, changing circumstances that didn’t work for me, finding the right teachers, flying to the United States for trainings not available in the UK and trusting that the time would come when I could put together this leadership programme.

My daemon is telling me that the right time is now. So, I’ve been hammering out the details with my business coach with the intention that the right people will hear the call.

I know that some of you will resonate with my sacrificial lamb tendencies in relationship. I know that others will have sacrificed themselves on the altar of corporate or entrepreneurial success. Many of you will be in transition between one phase of life and another and considering what comes next.

Your own inner daemon knows whether you are one of the women who is meant to prioritise this journey in 2020.

If so, please bring your dark and your light, your pain and your joy, your deepest, most vulnerable longings and your false mask. Be prepared for powerful processes and a truly inspiring year.

p.s. This journey has 2 parts. Part A, Your Vision Quest, is intensive and transformational, private work with me. For Part B, Your Path of Feminine Expression, participants will come together as a group. There is a 5 day retreat (scheduled early June) and a 3 day retreat (scheduled early October). During Part B there will also be group Zoom calls and supervised, personal tasks and practices.

Part A – 2 months (begin anytime between January and April – early starters have bonus access to me ie. over a longer period)

Part B – 6 months (June – November)

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