The Feminine as Power



Align with the flow of power so that you can live in the flow of life. Discover the wisdom, power and passion of the Feminine. ~ Cathy Rowan


The Feminine as Power – Talks/Public Workshops


Invitations to speak and/or teach are welcome.

The model of Feminine leadership that I speak about comes from the non patriarchal Feminine spiritual traditions, in which I have been training for more than 10 years. In these non dual traditions, the Feminine or Shakti is power and creation, never separate from the masculine Shiva, which is primordial Consciousness.

To the Yoginis (adepts of these traditions), life is about experience and learning occurs in relationship to life.

Feminine is not the same as female. Both women and men can benefit from understanding, cultivating and honouring the Feminine principle, which has been both undervalued and devalued through centuries of patriarchy.

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