Find purpose, re-ignite passions and consider how your inner Queen is asking to be expressed.



Queen Quest Days include:


Pre Consultation

One day in person mini retreat

Email Follow Up


Using the Queen archetype as guide, this quest is a woman’s journey into her full and unique expression of Feminine beauty, wisdom and power.

Of course this journey takes longer than a day. A Queen Quest day is an introduction to the energy work that can provide a significant shift. (I have been a consistent student of energy disciplines over a 20 year period, including chi kung, internal alchemy meditations and shamanic healing.)

The specific content of the day will be designed according to your needs and concerns. Included are:

  1. An energy reading. I read astrology charts and use oracle cards. We will discuss what is needed at the pre consultation and the reading will be prepared before the day session.
  2. Energy work – meditation and/or qigong. Energy work enables you to experience higher energy states and feel uplifted.
  3. A releasing process to help you to break the hold of limiting beliefs and patterns.
  4. Coaching you to clarity on your desires and objectives.

These days are also suitable if you want a taste of what I can offer before committing to a coaching programme.

Queen Quest days take place at your home or an agreed venue. Feel held while you explore your life questions, find clarity and determine your next steps.

Why the Queen Quest?


I use the Queen as an archetype for the fullest expression of your Feminine power.

Every woman has an inner Queen. She requires your attention to her development.

As every fairytale makes clear, there are ‘good queens’ and ‘bad queens’. And then, there are those who are destined to be queens but, for some reason, they are found ‘enslaved’ in mundane circumstances. Which of these queen types is most dominant in your life?

Ideally, the Queen is at the head of your ‘inner household’. And when seated on her throne, she is the part of you that knows who she is, values her contributions, leads when necessary and takes responsibility when appropriate. In other words, she holds her power well and exercises it respectfully.

The mature queen does not condone abuses of power and does the healing work that transforms her personal woundings into her medicine. The Queen has developed her gifts, gained spiritual and emotional maturity and considers the legacy she is leaving.

These life achievements are the fruits of a journey or quest. It’s the one I’m most interested in for myself. How about you?

This quest is a type of homecoming during which you will align your life with what you value most. This is the foundation for authentic expression.


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