Tribal Marketing

‘The dreams you have for yourself are just the pre-requisite for the dreams the Universe has for you.’ ~ Jeffrey Van Dyk


The Tribal Marketing programme supports you as you create your legacy and express your calling.

The promise of Tribal Marketing is to help you to identify the people you are meant to serve (your unique group of clients/tribe) and understand why you are the person to help them, which gives you more confidence to promote your work. From this foundation we can work on the messaging and programme creation, which enable you to connect with and serve your clients by designing unique Signature Systems.

Tribal Marketing is the intellectual property of Jeffrey Van Dyk, which I am trained in and licensed to offer. I am a UK Tribal Marketing Coach but offer services internationally via Zoom.


Is Tribal Marketing for you?


Yes, if you have the qualifications, training and experience to work effectively as a transformational coach, healer, therapist or consultant.

Yes, if you suspect that some of the people you work with are not ideal clients for you and you need to work out who is and what to offer them.

Yes, if you have been pricing per consultation and you want to create a Signature System out of your unique intellectual property.

Yes, if you think you are not in alignment with your purpose. (An indication of which is that you don’t feel on purpose – or, no longer on purpose.)

Yes, if you have retrained and are offering some form of coaching/healing on the side of your old job or business but, you can’t see how to make the transition to the work you feel called to do.

Yes, if your business is doing well but, you feel you are on the threshold of a new calling, although you haven’t yet worked out what it is that is  coming through.

Yes, if you offer spiritual solutions to real life problems and you aren’t sure whether to position yourself in a spiritual niche or a different one (such as relationships, health or business.)

Yes, if you have a history of niche hopping or suspect that your offerings are too generic for the current marketplace. Book an exploratory call now.



Tribal Marketing:


  • Understand your Life PhD
  • Clarify your niche
  • Understand the difference between the public problem for your tribe and the transformation that you deliver to them
  • Gain insight into the core wounds that drive the hunger of your tribe and the point at which they become ready to buy your services
  • Discover a template for compelling copy that speaks to your ideal clients, while eliminating those people who are not good clients for you
  • Learn how to design a Signature System that is unique and contains the best of your trainings, life wisdom and professional experience


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