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True Significance



If, like me, you are in the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, you have probably re-invented yourself several times during your life.


Now, as you approach, or are in, the so-called Third Age, you may be considering new plans for the phase of life that used to simply carry the label – retirement.

For many a new map is needed.

Decreasing pension pots, increasing retirement age, divorce, wanting to ensure life remains filled with a sense of purpose or desire to leave a legacy….there are many reasons why you may wish to explore new opportunities.

The truth is that in your 50’s and 60’s there are a number of transitions to make.

Family demands may be high as children grow up. You may also have elderly parents who require more of your attention.

Meanwhile, you may have a busy job or business and be pondering how to transition out of it and into something new.

Adult life is full of responsibilities and commitments that may have demanded the sacrifice of your personal desires and longings.

Now, inner shifts are happening alongside the outer changes. The so called Third Age of life includes psychological and spiritual reorganisation.

You hear yourself asking ‘what do I want?’

You may be wondering if ‘its too late’ with regard to realising a dream.

You may feel unsure about the right path to take.

And, you may be finding it difficult to give yourself the permission to firstly, find out, and secondly, to make the life changes that would put you and your passions in the driving seat – maybe for the first time in your life!

Meanwhile, others may be giving you opinions and advice that is off the mark and leaves you feeling misunderstood or valued for the wrong things……..

Your situation may not allow for an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’  type of sabbatical. (Mine certainly didn’t.)

And that may be neither wanted nor needed.

The True Significance adventure is a great alternative – most probably quicker, less costly and certainly specifically targeted to your personal circumstances and aims.


Introducing True Significance

True Significance includes my guidance and attention (one to one), some great tools and – most importantly, the time you need to both clarify your deep desires and create a new contribution that reflects what is most meaningful and significant to you now.

It’s time to claim some time to focus on what you want in the 30, 40 or even 50+ years of life you may have left.

I invite you to a free of charge exploratory conversation to discover whether the True Significance adventure is for you.

True Significance


1. Clarify Your Life Themes and Unique Gifts

We explore your life story from two perspectives. You have a hero/heroine’s story of your successes. You also have a story with regard to your failures and mistakes. It’s important to review both of these stories, because they inform your next calling.

We also consider your gifts as seen by others.


2.  Awaken to Your True Self

Diving into your deep longings, you discover what’s most true about you. You will also experience the guided Radical Awakening process. For many people, this is the most magical and life changing realisation ever experienced. This discovery will change  and expand your perspective with regard to your purpose during the Third Age of life.

As we draw together the insights from steps 1 and 2 of the process, you gain a deeper understanding of your significance and the new foundation you will build your new life on.


3. Release Your Saboteurs

The next step is to identify and then address the inner saboteurs that are scared of change and full expression.

Finally feel free to step into your future and align with what is most true for you, unencumbered by competing thoughts and feelings.


4. Revitalise your Relationships

This is a time to re-evaluate your relationship patterns and consider needs for healing, forgiveness (of self and other) and love.

You will want to surround yourself with people who lift you up and support your journey.


5. Aligning with True Significance

Throughout this process, you will be exploring options and testing ideas for your next contribution.

You will have an ongoing map to follow that enables continued expansion into your fullest expression.


In summary:


  • Your new life is based on a firm foundation
  • You know your unique gifts
  • You understand your true value
  • You know your path forward
  • You have shed ‘old skins’
  • You are aligned with your calling and deep wisdom
  • You have a practice of self care to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  • You have a plan to execute your new adventure
  • You are creating your legacy and living your true significance


Transitions take time. Objectives change according to stage of the journey.

This is not a one size fits all type of programme. It’s bespoke and one to one.

You will receive support through the stages of your life transition, ensuring that you take the time you need, which may include a pause for integration.


The adventure features:


  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Daily connection during critical stages of your journey
  • Practices to support your objectives
  • Recorded meditations/visualisations to assist your transition
  • Leading edge tools of Awakening Coaching and Tribal Marketing, plus life transition models and other transformational processes in which I am trained.
  • Supportive, educational content
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